FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Which services are included

when booking WeCARE Studio?

All studio rentals include sound engineer service fee and raw audio files deliverable. 

How about post-production services after the audio recording session?

WeCARE Studio is always ready to provide you our professional post-production services, ranging from audio cleaning, audio mixing, to sound design. Please let us know in advance what you wish to process after your audio recording session so we can have our AV team prepare. 

Credit Card

Payment methods

Payments can be made by PayPal/Credit card or Thai Bank Transfer.


If you chose Thai Bank Account Transfer option, please transfer the payment within 24 hours to this following bank account to complete your booking: ​


Account Name: OMG Properties Co., Ltd.

Bank: Bangkok Bank

Account Number: 152-4-863659

Branch: Siam Square


After the payment is made, please send your payment slip to email: info@wecare.asia


A letter of booking confirmation will be sent to your email after we acknowledge the payment.  


Working on weekend

Special request to book studios on weekend can be made by contacting our team via email.

Food and drink at studios

There are lots of restaurants and also a 7-Eleven on the ground floor of our studios’ building. Food and drink are allowed to bring in the waiting area. We also offer complimentary coffee and drinking water.  


Overtime is subject to the team’s availability and requires an additional 30% of the per hourly rate.​